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Sunday Recap April 5, 2009

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Here is a look back on our morning at thebridge and the rest of my day.

  • Got up and said hi to the band members that spent the night at our house.
  • Went to McDonalds and was asked the question if I was planning on coming next Sunday by one of the girls whom I bought flowers for. She said, “Good!”
  • Hi fived Thomas who ran some awesome sound on our morning.
  • Gave some more hi fives to Sarah and who trained in Kelly on Live Worship.
  • Through around a bunch of fist bumps to our choir.
  • Having worship practice the night before makes the entire morning run feel “better”. It allows us to not have to hurry in the morning and Bryan was able to set up a bunch of lights.
  • Worship was AWESOME! Well done Dennis, Kellee, and crew.
  • Sarah corrected some spelling errors while I was speaking. Nice!
  • Message was good but it was one of those that I walked away knowing I could have brought it to another level. I had so much more to say and I forgot a bunch of things. Not throwing a pity party more kicking myself in the pants.
  • Overall we had over 70 different people play a serving role this morning!
  • People committed to over 300 hours of prayer this week. I can’t wait to see how God will move through those.
  • Post service got to have some great conversations. People are dealing with some really tough stuff but they are keeping their eyes on Jesus. He is our HOPE!
  • We have been kicking around the idea of a softball team. Thought we would toss it out this morning. Over 30 people signed up. I guess we’ll field two teams. My corny thought of the evening was what if we got enough for three teams and we did teams called Faith, Love, and Hope. My guess is some of you actually like that. 🙂
  • Drove to Pella after tear down for my nephews baptism.
  • Played (and won) an intense game of nerf hoop horse.
  • Visited a friend on her birthday. Happy Birthday Sarah – and thanks for fixing my spelling errors.
  • Went back to my brother-in-laws and celebrated his birthday.
  • Hated missing the Rising again but love hanging out with my family.
  • Going to go spend some time praying.

Starting tomorrow I’m going to post different prayer ideas. I’d love to hear some of yours as well as updates on how your prayer times are going!


One Response to “Sunday Recap”

  1. Phil Davidson Says:

    I see you wanted to kick yourself about the message you gave and I saw STOP! It wasn’t until Monday morning that it really hit me, but the part about Gideon and God telling him that if he went with his full army that he would take the glory of the win really spoke to me. Without going into too much detail here, there’s an area in my life I’ve been making a lot of progress in lately and Monday morning God really showed me that its him doing the work in my life, not me. I vote good sermon.

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