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Prayer Idea Number 2 April 9, 2009

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Prayer is very spacial. The where matters. Your environment can be a catalyst or a hindrance. Your ideal centering place to be with Got may not resonate with someone else but that is ok. Prayer Idea Number 2 is this:

Identify a specific place to pray

There are a couple things that can happen by repetitiously praying in the same area.

  • A greater measure of the presence of God can be built – sort of like creating a holy place. In the old testament God would command people to take off their shoes because the place where they were standing was Holy. It was Holy because God was there in a unique and greater way. By consistently praying in the same place you are in a sense opening a greater window into heaven here on earth.
  • You are creating knee jerk reactions. When someone throws something near me my knee jerk reaction is to try and catch. When I smell chex mix I want to eat it right away. When I hear a song “Crash” from the Dumb and Dumber soundtrack I immediately feel like hopping into a geo metro and delivering some pizza’s. By using the same place you are building up some knee jerk reactions to pray. You enter the place and your natural response is to pray.

But there is a second angle on this. Call it Prayer Idea Number 2b

Don’t be limited to a specific place to pray

If we are only comfortable or capable of praying in a certain place, with a certain environment, with the right song on, and enough sleep, and all the ducks are in a row we will never pray. Often times the best place to pray is right where you are. This week I have marveled at the number of times the Lord has prompted me to pray while shooting hoops with Toby.

Your thoughts on how to create a place to pray?


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