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Experiencing the Spirit April 10, 2009

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experiencing-the-spiritExperiencing the Spirit is the third book in a three book series (Experiencing the Cross and Experiencing the Resurrection) by Henry & Melvin Blackaby. They are most known for their work Experiencing God which is a study book everyone should do.

This book targets the question “why aren’t we turning the world upside down like the early church.” Experiencing the Spirit is broken up into three parts. The first part, “Gift of the Spirit in the Heart and Mind of God” and the second part, “Gift of the Spirit in the Life of the Lord Jesus” laid a theological foundation of the work of the Spirit prior to Pentecost. The author systematically lays out the work of the Spirit and opens the readers eyes to what has always been a part of scripture but perhaps not seen as the work of the Spirit.

Part three of the book, “Power of the Spirit in the Believers Experience” is the heart of the book. My favorite quote of the book comes at the front end of this section when they say, “If we seek the gifts of the Spirit and not the Holy Spirit Himself, we’ll always focus on self. We must learn to understand that there are no gifts apart from an intimate relationship with the Spirit. And the work of the Spirit is directly connected to the lordship of Christ in our lives.” The idea of the Spirit and the gifts of the Spirit has long been a volatile topic in the church and I believe that is often the case because we neglect to choose the above quote as the foundation for the conversations. Those who believe the Spirit is void of voice and action today are missing out on what Christ foretold and promised and at the same time those who are frantically pursuing the gifts are being selfish. Further Blackaby points out that the gifts aren’t ours – they are His. They are given out of his wisdom and for His purpose. We need to recognize that the Spirit is speaking and is in a sense wooing us to a deeper understanding and relationship with Christ Jesus.

For those who have not been raised in a setting that talks about who the Holy Spirit is and His work in our life this is a great book. With a strong biblical approach the Blackaby’s are able to advise what we are able to do in the strength and power of the Holy Spirit. To purchase this book at amazon click here.


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