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Jump Rope & Jesus April 16, 2009

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Recently Jenny’s uncle sent me this link (here) that is some of the most crazy awesome half time entertainment I have ever seen that took place at NAVY. It’s about 8 minutes long and worth the watch. The footage is unique in that it clips over to the fans every once in a while. At first they are board disinterested and I think you can even hear some booing. As the jumpers keep going though their excitement builds and it ends in a roar from the crowd.

I wonder if there was a fan who was sitting there in the beginning. He’s watching and part out of insecurity and part out of ignorance he says this is stupid and decides to leave and go get some nachos. A couple friends join him. Meanwhile a few others stay back. They are intrigued. There is something different going on here. The more they watch the more they are amazed. They become wrapped up in the event. Soon they are in disbelief and astonishment at what they see. They can’t help but cheer. The jumpers conclude and they go off to thunderous applause! The guys come in and can’t make sense of all of the commotion. They missed it.

I wonder if this is how some people are with Jesus. They never stick around to give him a chance. They judge to soon. They walk out and miss the amazing and the unbelievable but worse they miss out on so much more.


One Response to “Jump Rope & Jesus”

  1. Jacki Says:

    Just watched the video. From now on, when people ask me what I do, I am going to start saying, “I’m a professional jump roper!”

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