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Summer Growth Group Reveal Tomorrow April 28, 2009

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Tomorrow we will be announcing what our 6 Growth Groups will be. Each group will be centered on creating community. These are going to be very relational based groups for the purpose of helping us get to know one another better. Each group will have a very loose schedule and will also allow those who attend to bring a friend without it being awkward. The groups will all start at various times with some of them starting as soon as next week while others won’t launch until June.

Here are a some questions some of you might be asking:

Why only 6? Didn’t we have 8 last semester?

One of the reasons we are only having 6 Growth Groups this semester is because 50 people are a part of Softball. Although we haven’t worked out all of the details this is going to be on of our Growth Groups. That number alone represents over half of the number of people who participated in a Growth Group this past Spring.
Another reason we are going to only 6 is because we are short Group Leaders. We want to give those who have led Groups recently get a break and those who would like to lead a group to go through some training. In the Fall we hope to gear up and offer many more Groups.

Why are the Groups Community based and not Spiritual/Bible Driven?

This is a great question. We really value those groups that allow people to connect with the Word and grow deeper in their faith. At the same time we have noticed that those Groups that don’t know each other/anyone else in the group are less likely to keep going. By choosing to have Groups that are set up for the sole purpose of getting to know one another we believe we will have greater traction in our Groups next Fall. We also believe that these groups won’t be void of Spiritual conversations and faith building it just won’t be the focus.

How do I sign up for a Growth Group?

The best way to sign up for a Growth Group is on Sunday Morning via our connector cards or at the Resource Table. We also will have options available on-line at the end of next week.


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