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Cy’s Growth Group Goes Crazy April 29, 2009

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Cy has been leading a Growth Group using the book “Walk Across the Room” by Bill Hybels and they just finished up this past Monday with actually practicing what they had been studying. Here are a couple bullets from their experience at Smokey Row in Oskaloosa.

  • First person approached happened to be a church planter
  • A High School Golf Team from the Maharishi came in and they were really taken back
  • Total number of people contacted 45
  • All but 5 were people that they had lengthy conversations with
  • Total bill that the group took on $490
  • Met a new tattoo artist who recently had a client who’s real name was “Bomb”

I love it when we “go” and “do” – this group was amazing!


3 Responses to “Cy’s Growth Group Goes Crazy”

  1. Jenn Says:

    Pretty awesome to see the stats…Grant and I were glad to be a part of this group. It was quite a learning/growing experience!

  2. Jon Says:

    So you could say that client that he had is the “Bomb”!?
    If “Bomb” got a phone call, is he “blowing up”?

    Those were really bad. I apologize, but its late and I’m tired.

    Cool report though. That is really tough to do and to live out and apply the study is really encouraging.

  3. Lorraine Davis Says:

    That is really cool to read about! Go Cy’s Growth Group!

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