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Summer Growth Groups April 29, 2009

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So the reveal of the Summer Growth Groups is a bit delayed because some of the kinks and details are still being worked out, but here are our groups.

Softball – This group is crazy large, and we like it that way! If you still really want to jump into this group, you need to let us know on Sunday. They are having batting practice Monday at Wildwood.

Play @ the Park – This group is for our moms. Each week moms will have a chance to meet up at various parks. This group will launch next week.

Running – For those who are looking to get tired, sweaty, and sore – this group is for you. This group will launch in three weeks.

Movies – This group is largely going to be organized via my blog. A movie will be selected for this group to view and discussion will take place on-line. In addition, there will also be times when people will host a movie-watching. This will be a time for the group to gather together to view the film and have discussion together.

Books – This group is similar to the above only we won’t be gathering at a house together to hear someone read part of the book – or then again maybe we will.

O-Town Guru’s – There are a lot of summer events in O-Town ranging from Ragbrai to Sand in the City. bridge peeps will have a chance to go to these events together.

Remember, these groups –  are to build community – are to deepen friendships – are set up to invite others in – are flexible in attendance and schedule!


2 Responses to “Summer Growth Groups”

  1. Abby Says:

    Granger Community Church in IN–check out their video archive. My favorites? The “I Love the 80’s” series. Could we do a “Beat It” intro sometime? 🙂

  2. Bryan Sissel Says:

    if he did dumb and dumber i sure he could figuree out something for beat it

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