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The Other Half On Mothers Day May 9, 2009

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Even thought it is tomorrow the Mothers Day Celebrations and shout outs have started. This unique holiday in which we give pause to remember and thank our mothers is loved by Hallmark, cell phone companies, and florists. Husbands scramble to think up a gift that says I love you and settle for an appliance. Like me for example, I’m giving Jenny a toaster. To me it says you warm my heart. Children grab some crayons and start drawing up coupons like, good for one hug. When I was a kid I would always pick those things my mom would rather I not do like, good for one breakfast in bed cooked up by me. The entire weekend is filled with people doing whatever it takes to love on mom and all of humanity says, awe – now that is beautiful.


What about the other half? What about those who have lost their mom and this time of year reminds them of their loss? What about the husband who no longer has their spouse with them and grief sets in? Or what about those who wish they could be a mother but first they need to not be single or the one who is married but is unable to have children? Or what about the mom who this past year had a miscarriage? What about the child/son/daughter/adult who never knew their mom? What about the countless people who were neglected because of their moms habits and behaviors? What about the individual who has talked to their mom for months or years?

The older I get the more I realize that every holiday has two sides to it. One is full of bliss, memories, family, laughter, and joy and the other side is full of pain, remorse, bitterness, grief, and sadness.

So for those who are on the other half of this Mother’s Day may you hear these words. You matter! You are not alone. You are known by your maker and You are loved.


3 Responses to “The Other Half On Mothers Day”

  1. Good encouragement. Our church doesn’t “do” anything differently on Mother’s Day for those very reasons—not that we don’t appreciate mothers, but we don’t want anyone to feel an expectation of specific set of experiences or feelings to be among God’s people in worship that day. It frees us to better be present with anyone whom God calls, and we know it ministers to people to be a safe place, whatever their story.

  2. Bryan Sissel Says:

    Great post this was a home run man

  3. Lorraine Davis Says:

    I enjoy celebrating the friends around me that are Moms, or the lady that is like my “Iowa Mom” since my Mom is 25 hours away from here where I grew up. I do desire to be a Mom someday, but am still single so sometimes this day resonates a little bittersweet for me. Thanks for thinking of the other half.

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