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Toby’s Amazing Week May 14, 2009

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This week has been amazing for Toby. It started on Monday night when we had two piles of dirt dropped off in our yard. He didn’t go to sleep until 11:30 because he knew Paul was coming in the morning.

Toby and Dirt

6:30am on Tuesday he woke up wondering where Paul was. Paul showed up a little later and Toby was glued in on the bob cat moving all the dirt. Later he got to sit in it which was pretty awesome!


Later in the morning we got a phone call from a friend who said they had some big construction trucks at their place and they invited Toby over to take a peek. He got to do a whole lot more then watch. The picture below is him in the bulldozer!


Here is some video footage of Toby actually moving the levers and driving the bulldozer. I was (and still am) jealous.

Wednesday was mostly an inside day but we did have a special treat of some popcorn. Here is a video of Jenny and I predicting the very thing that would happen.

Shortly after Toby came in Lydia showed up yelling “POPCORN”!

Popcorn Time

Today Toby spent some of the day outside working on the garden. Then after nap it was time for his big surprise. Here is a picture showing his excitement.

Big Smiles Toby

And here is the video footage of the reveal.

WOW – What a week. While I am downstairs typing this I can over hear Toby talking to his drums, “I’ll be right back guys, I’m going to go get a snack.”


One Response to “Toby’s Amazing Week”

  1. Bryan Sissel Says:

    great post the popcorn video brings back so many memories of when my kids were that age. as for the drum set

    the adult perspective : you’ve lost your mind!

    Child perspective: you’re the coolest parents ever!

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