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Sunday Recap May 18, 2009

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Here are some quick bullets of reflection on yesterday morning.

  • The set up crew was all over it yesterday. They actually might be a little board next week as we transition to the summer schedule in Bridgekids going from 3 rooms to 1.
  • Loved the move of the refreshments table.
  • The worship team showed up wide awake and ready to rock.
  • We had a crew of people who shouted everytime we mentioned the word connector card. That had us laughing pretty hard.
  • I got a few comments on my shirt which said “Shucks” and had a picture of a corn cob on it. However, when I clipped my mic on my shirt it covered up the “h” which had people wondering why I would where such a shirt.
  • I loved sharing the historical and contextual background of the Good Samaritan. It was fun watching people have light bulbs go on.
  • Great response time. People came forward in droves to offer up a neighbor.
  • Growth Group sign ups got kicked off. Go to to sign up for one if you haven’t had the chance.
  • We started to video our services a few weeks back. I saw part of the first one that has been edited. I think we will have it figured out by the fall. I love it when people just grab a hold of things and make it happen.

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