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Lydia May 19, 2009

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Last week was Toby’s amazing week but don’t worry. Lydia had her share of moments as well. Sadly for Jenny most of her moments happened to be around the toilet. For example – there was the time when she threw an entire roll of toilet paper in the toilet and the Toby decided to go number 2 on it. Or the time when Toby put a washcloth in the toilet and Lydia flushed it. Not all of her bathroom moments end in chaos. There are those times of celebration after she goes potty on the big girl potty. We are the parents who reward each success with some kind of candy. Lately it has been jelly beans. Here is the most recent footage of Lydia’s joy getting her jelly beans.

Lydia also is quite fascinated with Blythe. She enjoys giving her – her pacifier, kissing her head, and occasionally holding her. Sometimes though – she wants to be the baby. Recently she wanted to be swaddled like Blythe.

Lydia Swaddled

Lydia Cuddles with Lion

Another recent activity Lydia has taken on is helping in the kitchen.

Lydia Messy Mouth

Lydia the Baker

And when all of those things don’t keep her entertained. She somehow takes great joy in just laughing.


2 Responses to “Lydia”

  1. Jenn Says:

    Lydia has just beautiful eyes. What a sweetheart! Great videos, and could that be Toby banging the tar out of his drumset in the background of the first clip? Nice!

  2. Jacki Says:

    Lydia looks just like Jenny in the kitchen one! Absolutely beautiful 🙂

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