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Sunday Recap June 1, 2009

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Yesterday was a crazy day that started quite early for me. Here is the low down.

  • I was awake with Lydia from 2-4am. Please pray for her as she continues to fight a virus that is plaguing her with a high fever.
  • Went to the office to print the connector cards. Could not get them to print. Randomly (divinely) my computer shut itself off without me hitting anything and the connector cards started printing. Really random.
  • Proabably to much information but made a mess of myself in one of the most random bathroom moments of my life. Got a text from the band and set up team that they were waiting for me to let them into the Bridgeview Center. Drove over there then back home to change clothes. Went back to the Bridgeview Center. Realized I forgot my notes for Membership class and went back home but couldn’t find them and went back to the Bridgeview Center again.
  • The worship team had three different practices but none of them together. They had the idea of playing a FooFighter song but didn’t get to hammer it out in time.
  • Good crowd with a number of first time guests.
  • Two homeless guys that I have befriended showed up.
  • I was pumped for the sermon/message yesterday. I don’t know that I have ever gotten more feedback on a message. Look for it to be online at later this week.
  • Got a lot of laughs from my Dodger baseball game story. Wish I could have told the 10 minute version instead of the 5 minute version.
  • We are going to need to set up more stations for communion. Those lines were crazy long!
  • One of our applications was have a meal with someone this week whom you haven’t had a meal with. DON’T FORGET!
  • Membership class was awesome! We had 14 families sign one year covenants.
  • Jenny made a snack supper for the family. We sat on a picnic blanket in our living room and enjoyed all sorts of goodies. I felt spoiled.
  • Last night was the last night of Divorce Care. This group was amazing for those who attended it. I’ve been doing childcare for this. Last night we had an awesome scavanger hunt.
  • In the morning I asked for a kitchen skillet for some homeless guys. I ended up getting four from someone. So I set out and to find my friends. I found them and had an awesome time hanging with them in their place in the woods. We talked mostly about baptism and what it means.
  • Jenny and I kicked back and watched one of my favorite chick flicks (yes I’m fine with that) “the Prince & Me”
  • The night was short as Lydia woke up with a high fever at 2 again and I did an hour shift with her.

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